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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  August 14, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm MDT

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>> quijano: thousands rescued from deadly floods, by air, by boat and raw courage. at least 7,000 are saved as flood waters rise in the deep south. also tonight, wildfires, cars and triple digit heat are making california's air dangerous to breathe. >> this is the police. you need to leave the area. >> quijano: in milwaukee a night of rage after police shoot and kill a young black man they say was armed and refusing to drop his weapon. ryan lochte an three other american swimmers robbed in rio. and the muslim american olympian hoping to be a game-changer outside her sport. >> we're in this time where people are very comfortable
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this is the "cbs weekend news." >> quijano: good evening, i'm elaine quijano. at least three people are dead as flood waters continue to rise to historic levels in the deep south. rescue crews have saved the lives of at least 7,000 people an their pets. since thursday parts of louisiana have been hit with more than 30 inches of rain. heavy rain continues to swamp some areas as creeks and rivers spill on to roads and highways. baton rouge. >> reporter: flood waters continue to immerse much of baton rouge. emergency workers rescued at least 7,000 people. here the crew from a coast guard helicopter pulled three stranded residents from a roof. >> you have something. >> yeah. >> a search crew on this boat came across a car pulling this woman and her dog out just in time.
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louisiana residents this weekend. according to officials, flood waters killed three people, damaged more than 2,000 homes and stranded countless animals. 5,000 people are currently in shelters. volunteers jeremiah johnson and henri dufrense say they rescued over 150 people with their boat and truck because it was the right thing to do. >> people are going to ask, why do you guys do this? >> it is just what we do as a community. we help each other out, you know. for me and my family, that is why i do it. >> louisiana is very resilient, we have strong, faithful people here. and i'm extremely encouraged by the amount of cooperation we have gotten from people. we see folks who are truly being neighbors to one another. >> reporter: louisiana governor john bel edwards toured the damage and says some areas have become islands. >> it makes it difficult for people to get out and difficult for first responders sometimes to get in.
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surely the waters are going to recede over time. so everyone please just be very cautious out there. >> reporter: more than a thousand people were stranded on interstate 12 overnight. elaine, first responders are using helicopters to drop food and water to those people. >> omar villafranca reporting, thank you. other parts of the country are dealing with dangerous heat and humidity. the national forecast now from pamela gardner at wbz tv in boss be to, pamela? >> elaine from west coast to east coast we're dealing with hot temperatures, through monday at least heat advisories are posted right around the los angeles area, excessive heat warnings are in effect from philadelphia all the way to even boston, a heat advisory in effect as well. monday's high temperatures out west, los angeles 98, palm springs, 108. a dryer heat there. where here, on the east we're dealing with also the humidity
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to mid 90s but also with the humidity fact erred in, heat index around 100 to 105. rainfall we're also tracking what is going on in louisiana. devastating rain totals and right outside of baton rouge in watson 31.39 inches of rain has fallen since tuesday. flood watches and warnings are still in effect through sunday in louisiana but also through tuesday as this same system tracks through the ohio valley. here's your flooding rain potential. that low pressure starts to move through missouri and up thro tuesday morning, where we could see anywhere from two to five inches of additional rainfall. elaine. >> quijano: pamela gardner, pamela, thank you so much. >> in the west, extreme heat combined where thick smoke from wildfires and air pollution for from millions of cars is making the air in some places dangerous to breathe. here's mireya villareal. >> back in the 90s thick hazy smog was as much as the l.a. sky line as the hollywood sign.
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quality has improved, health officials say pollution kills 1300 people a year, making it the deadliest air in the country. according to a new study, that number is more than triple the number of air pollution related deaths in new york and twice the total in texas. lead author kevin cromar. >> we see that the annual number of excess deaths is quantitatively very similar to the number of deaths from alcohol-related traffic fatalities. >> reporter: in california, commerce, lack of rain and wildfires are all to blame. >> bad air and pollution become deadly for society because chronically people are ingesting these particulate molecules. >> reporter: dr. anthony cardillo is an er doctor at glendale adventist medical center. he says he has seen a rise of patients suffering from pollution. >> we had tighter restrictions and better control over our air
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people have with these underlying chronic conditions. >> reporter: the pollution in california is so bad federal health standards for the ozone levels have only been met three days out of this entire summer. experts believe with another heat wave hitting the west coast and sticking around through the middle of the week the air quality will continue to get worse. elaine? >> quijano: mireya villareal, thank you. wisconsin governor called on the national guard following a night of rage in milwaukee. police shooting of sylville smith who was armed during a traffic stop turned violent. spit was african-american as was the officer who shot him. demarco morgan has more. >> reporter: buildings burned on milwaukee north side, police in riot gear, protesters setting cars on fire, tossing bricks at squad car, sending one officer to the hospital. chaos erupted after a 23 year old suspect is shot and killed
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it all started with a traffic stop. milwaukee mayor tom barnett. >> this stop took place because two officers who were there to make sure that there was order in this neighborhood, they felt there was suspicious activity going on, as it turned out, two individuals, the gun was a stolen gun. the officer didn't know it at the time but there were 23 rounds in that gun. >> reporter: barrett says the officer with six years on the force ordered the suspect to drop his weapon but he refused to. and arm. the mayor says the officers involved were wearing body cameras. tensions remained high into the morning with some protesters vowing to continue the unrest. >> no, it's not going to end today. i can't tell you it's going to end tomorrow. i don't know when it's going to end. but it's-- we not the ones that's killing us. y'all killing us. we can't make a change if y'all don't change. >> reporter: peace rallies were held to sunday with city and
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investigating the shooting that sparked the violence. >> quijano: demarco morgan, thank you. >> police are trying to find the gunman who killed a police officer in a small town in central georgia. 30 year old eastman patrol officer tim smith was gunned down saturday night. police say smith was responding to a call of a suspicious person. he is survived by three children. >> new york city police are looking for the gunman who executed a muslim leader and his friend as they walked home from the killing sent a wave of fear and anger through a muslim community in queens. tony decopo is there. >> police say 55 year old imam maulala akonjee and associate thara uddin had just left the mosque in this bangladesh i neighborhood when a gunman approached from behind shooting both in the head it was recorded on this video. nypd inspector henry sawntner.
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style shirt and shorts. >> reporter: police released this sketch. with no one in custody, the community here is on edge. mallate uddin lives near by. >> we feel unsecurity, it is really threatening to us and threatening to our future, threatening to our mobility in the neighborhood. >> we want justice. >> at a vigil, many said they want the police to investiga >> this is not a robbery. this seems this is not an attack to imam, it is an attack to the community. suspected hate crimes against plus limb americans is on the rise. sautner is asked if this crime is part of that trend. >> there is nothing in the preliminary indication that would indicate they were targeted because of their faith. >> cobeir chaudhry heads a mosque nearby. >> we are devastated and we want peace. >> reporter: police are
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witnesses trying to figure out why these two men were targeted. elaine, they leave behind large and grieving families including ten children. >> tony thank you. >> a new cbs news battleground tracker poll out sunday shows hillary clinton has extended her lead in florida and is now five points ahead of donald trump n new hampshire, she is up by nine points. in georgia, traditionally a republican state, trump leads by four points. for more on this, we turn to er director anthony salvanto in washington. >> so new hampshire is another swing state solidly in clinton's column, anthony what is behind these results. >> for one thing, voters say that they don't feel donald trump has the judgment and temperament they would like to see displayed in a potential president. and that is really anchoring down many of his numbers because if you look at him compared to hillary clinton, he does well on ability to fix the economy. hillary clinton continues to
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truthfulness, honest and trust worthiness. all of those are potential avenues where trump could make up the difference. but it's those judgment and temperament numbers that really seem to be weighing him down. so clinton is showing this lead despite many of her obvious weaknesses and vulnerabilities. >> i think if you look at the overall electoral map, you see in state after state hillary clinton has shown leads in enough battleground states where if she holds on through the fall, she would be in a position to win. donald trumpap he now needs to take back some of these states and reverse places where clinton has demonstrated a sizable edge. >> reporter: and how could trump do that? he sent tweets recently saying i am who i am. >> well, one key measure is his support among republicans. and he is not doing as well with his base as hillary clinton is with hers. so his first step is to try to win back some of those republicans who thus far have left him. >> reporter: anthony salvanto,
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>> quijano: olympics gold medal winner ryan lochte and three other american swimmers say they were robbed in rio. u.s. olympic officials say it happened sunday morning. lochte and the others left the french olympic team's house in a taxi. they say the taxi was stopped by armed robbers posing as police who demanded their money and other belongings. they are all okay. jamie yuccas now with more on the games in rio. >> the united states will, indeed give miph gold medal in the final olympic race of his career. with a new olympic record. >> reporter: team u.s.a. dominated the pool at the 2016 rio olympic games including winning gold in the 400 medley relay. it was an emotional win for michael phelps who says this will be his last olympics. having collected 23 gold medals, three silvers and two bronzes. today phelps addressed reporters. >> this is what i wanted to
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this is the cherry i wanted to put on top of the cake. this is it i said it before, but you guys can say, this is the last time. >> reporter: gymnast simone biles captured gold again sunday in the women's vault final. there were incredible twists and spins but she did not perform the so called vault of death. the dangerous front handspring followed by roughly two and a half somersaults will only be attempted by india's dipa karmakar and oksana chusovitina kyla ross. >> that is why gymnasts are in the sport, they want to see how far they can take themselves, and to achieve something that someone maybe has never done before or something different. so i think that's just the nature of the competition. >> reporter: with swimming competition over, attention now turns to track and field competition and usain bolt the final week of these olympic games. the closing ceremony is one weekend from today.
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coming up next, a new video emerges from nigeria. are these the girls who were abducted two years ago by terrorists? abducted two years ago by
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? you're only a day away ? >> quijano: a new video surfaced today in nigeria. it purportedly shows some of the dozens of school girls that were kidnapped by the terror group boko haram two years ago. jonathan vigliotti has more from our london bureau. >> the video showed a masked man standing guard over the alleged group of abducted school girls. the fighter called on the nigerian government to release. >> if our members in detention are not freed, the man says, know that you will never find these girls again. the militant also warned the government to stop air strikes. boko haram released video they claim shows several of the girls killed by government-led bombings. nigerian officials are unable to confirm that.
4:48 pm
classmates have married militants. one girl in the group is even seen holding a baby. today's video is the third released by boko haram of the girls since they abducted more than 270 of them from their school in 2014. >> dozens of school girls have escaped since their capture. elaine, it's believed more than 200 students are still being held hostage. >> jonathan vigliotti reporting, jonathan, thank you. >> still ahead, a remarkable boy rare disorder linked to the zika virus. to the zika virus. or visit if you have a typical airline credit card, you only earn double miles when you buy stuff from that airline. this where you typically shop?
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ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card >> quijano: in florida at least 28 people have been infected by zika virus from local mosquitoes. one of the new patients does not live in miami's so called zika zone which is raising concerns that the outbreak area could be expanding. zika can cause a birth defect called microcephaly which affects the skull and brain. dr. jon lapook met a boy who has this rare disorder. >> the itsy-bitsy spider went up the waterspout. >> reporter: like most six year olds edmund picciuto loves singing, toys and of course his mother. but unlike most of his peers, edmund has microcephaly, the result of a genetic disorder his mom elizabeth didn't know about while pregnant. >> when we first came home my initial thought was i can't do this, i can't do this. i didn't sign up for this. which is not true, of course you
4:52 pm
were told edmund might never recognize them, might not even survive. some doctors even suggested he be institutionalized. what was your response? >> my first response was, i didn't think people did that any more. >> reporter: edmund didn't sit up or crawl until he was three and still doesn't talk. but he is slowly meeting some milestones. walking with help, riding a bike, and playing with his two brothers. >> we're teaching him sign language. >> so he will say edmund loves momma. well, this is how he says momma, it is really this. >> so you speak edmund. >> yes, and he's invented some of his own signs like this is please sing to me. he made that up. >> yeah. >> it can arise from a number of different conditions. genetic ones like edmunds, and infections during pregnancy like measles and zika. symptoms and prognosis can vary
4:53 pm
>> can you touch my nose? >> you can. so you understand a lot, he understands a lot. >> oh yeah, he does. >> it's too early to tell how it will affect the lives of those infectioned with zika. picciuto remembers the emotional toll of an uncertain future. >> i kept saying what is going to happen, what is going to happen. and she still doesn't really know. >> i actually haven't asked for prognosis in forever because i don't expect anyone to really be able to tell me. is he takingis >> she has advice for mothers of baby with birth defects with zika. it gets better. it will get better for you. you will love your child and your child will love you. >> reporter: and she says know you will find a new normal. >> clap your hands, yes, well done. >> reporter: dr. jon lapook, cbs news, rockville, maryland. >> quijano: we'll be right back. right
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>> quijano: ibtihaj muhammad made olympic historys she is the first american olympian to compete while wearing a hijab, she and team u.s.a. took the bronze, muhammad is self-described jersey girl, three time all american at duke university. i met with her before she headed to rio. >> it is rewarding to feel really powerful. >> a lunge, a saiber flick, fencing is as elegant as it is fierce.
4:57 pm
after two decades, the fitness training, sparring and lots of lounging, 2016 is the year for fencer ibtihaj muhammad. >> i tell people all the time that i'm just, you know, a girl from jersey who had a dream and was willing to work hard for it. >> muhammad made history as the first american to compete and win an olympic medal wearing a hijab. >> i feel like my hijab is liberating. and i believe that it allows people to see me for my voice. and not necessarily how i look. >> i hope that it will change a lot of the misconceptions that people have about muslim women specifically. >> you ready. >> muhammad ran us through the basics of saiber fencing. >> ready as i will ever be. the stance. >> this is your fencing on guard. >> the weapon. >> you hit with flashing motions, you are hitting with this side. >> the attack. >> so your back leg, nice.
4:58 pm
>> i always compare it to like, to chess. so it is like a strategy. >> there is strategy and you want to be a step ahead of your opponent. >> muhammad says she owed it to her community to use her platform as an olympic athlete to speak out against hate. >> we're in this time where people are very comfortable speaking out against muslims. i have always believed in my talent and i, you know, not only wanted to prove to myself that i team, i wanted that for little girls out there who have ever been told that they didn't belong. >> congratulations to ibtihaj and the rest of team u.s.a. that is the cbs weekend news for this sungd. later on cbs, 60 mings. the news continues now on our digital network cbsn at cbs i'm elaine quijano in new york. for all of us at cbs news, thank
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fire destroys a home in steamboat springs and why this flames spread quickly. and alarming information about the spread of the west nile virus in colorado. a us navy member killed at
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breakingnews, therefore people on the run after robbing a denver marijuana dispensary which happened this afternoon at fewer colorado, good evening i'm kathy walsh and thank you for joining us, cbs4 howard nathan is outside of that dispensary and who are the police after?>>reporter: therefore people they want to get a hold of and a sheriff's


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